Atlas Approach to Investments

Atlas takes a unique and differentiated approach to financial services investments, believing that a long-term, merchant capital approach balanced with operating experience and regulatory expertise will best serve our partners and our investments. 

Financial Services Specialists

By focusing purely on financial services – and with an emphasis on capital-intensive sectors such as banks, insurers, and broker-dealers – we believe we can best bring to bear our specialized abilities and industry relationships to source and execute proprietary transactions.

Operating & Technical Expertise 

We believe that few investors within the financial services industry are able to offer as strong an operating and technical background as Atlas. We leverage the industry expertise of our investment team and operating partners to build the businesses in which we invest. 

Partnership Approach

We believe our strongest results will come when we work in partnership with portfolio company management, regulators, transaction intermediaries, and other investors. To our partners, we offer a collaborative approach and the ability to add meaningful value beyond just capital. 

Long-Term Outlook

We believe that by having a long-term outlook in our investments, we can build businesses better able to withstand near-term volatility, to serve their customers and to increase the value of their franchises. 

Focus on Downside

We seek to protect our capital through appropriately structuring and pricing transactions, and we understand that to create long-term value we must first preserve our starting capital. Importantly, we believe that only through maintaining appropriate liquidity and capital will the companies we acquire and the fund overall achieve the best results.